The cost is calculated by the number of accesses to data and amount of data stored. There is no fixed cost, no limit on the number of users or applications built. Payment must be prepaid, at a minimum of 5 dollars. Money back guarantee for balances not spent. Every new account starts with 1 dollar bonus (non-refundable) for trial
All prices are in American dollars (USD).
Storage Costs
At every 60 minutos: 0.000019/MB or 0.001, whichever is greater. The application of the minimum cost of 0,001 every 60 minutes generates a minimum monthly cost of approximately 0.75. This minumum is necessary to keep the Account active.
0.024 at each 1,000 data write operations (new or existing data).
0.0072 at each 1,000 data read operations.
Operations are counted independently of the size of the registry. Internal operations (system logs, financial records and other system controls) are also accountedt. Minimum cost per session: each user session is charged at least 0.001 if the total operations of that session does not reach this cost. A session is opened for each user and remains open (regardless if the user keeps the application open) for about 3 hours. An open session can remain as long as necessary beyond these 3 hours. In this case the minimum cost is also 0, 001, regardless of the total time.