Create Account
To create an Account you must be logged in with a Google Accounts user, a Facebook account or a Linkedin account. Google Accounts users are users of Gmail, YouTube and Google Plus, among others. If you have a user in these services you can use it. If you have not is easy and quick to get one using any email.
Once you have a Goolge Accounts user you can create an account in INubem. Read Terms and Conditions, fill out the information as explained in the page itself and submit the account creation.

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Soon after the creation of the account will be presented a screen to choose to work with one of the accounts to which access has been given to you. Note that another account may have been created by someone else and you're allowed to work on it. In this case it appears in your list of accounts.

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At any time you can change the account information, including the name. For this use Acc Conf on the vertical side menu. On this screen you aalso have the option to remove the account. Take care to remove the account because all data is lost.

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You can also change the account you are working using the main screen of INubem. Notice at the top as there is a selection list with all the accounts which you have access.

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