Any regular user can export data through files if he/she has permission to use a Screen with this function. To give this permission go to the definition of the Screen and choose in the selection list Allow data exportation the option Attributes on Screen. A Data Admin can also export data from any Registry.
The data export can be made to spreadsheets. Data can be exported from a single Registry or several Registries associated (including in cascate way).
Screens which are given the option to export data appear with this option in the top horizontal menu.

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You can select which Attributes will be exported (1). Associations when selected (2) show the same table for selecting the associated Registry Atriburtos (3).

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Some parameters can be passed for export. For information about them hover above (1). Keep in mind that if you want to re-import the exported data do export with the references of Registries, Attributes (2) and data (3). This ensures that the import is done correctly. With this feature it is possible to process the data out of INubem and then import them, giving tremendous flexibility to the platform.

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The format of the exported spreadsheet is the same used by import. Associations between Registries make the Registry "father" appears on the spreadsheet as many as associations, as well as on import. Thus the first Course (1) appears four times in the spreadsheet as it has associated with it three Topics (2) and four Employees (3).

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The references of the associations (1) are exported along with the references of the data (2) where there is an association. This is very useful in the import of these associations back in INubem. If these references are not reported in the import INubem will try to find them by searching the combining data, but it can not distinguish two distinct associations that involve the same data.

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