Registries are data structures that can be assembled by INubem Data Administrators. They are equivalent to the tables, where each row is a stored data. Each column in this table is called Attribute. So to set up a Registry you must create one or more Attributes to it.
Create a new Registry
To create a Registry click the on the Add tab in the Registry Screen, as shown in the following figure.

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You can create a Registry from scratch, giving a name and description to it, or create it importing a formatted spreadsheet. To create from scratch, choose a name that is unique (has not been given to any other Registry in your Account). The description is optional, but can be very useful for the users of your system, since it will appear as Tool Tip Help next to the Screen using this Registry. Press the Add button to create it.

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The Registry has been created but is still without Attributes. Some properties can be set as shown below.

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(To import a spreadsheet see the specific help Import.)
Registry properties
Before adding Attributes to the Registry you can define its properties. Over each property there is a floating help that explains each one of them. You must click on the Save button for the changes in the properties take effect.

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