The screen is how the user views, adds or changes the data of a Registry. For the same Registry can be set multiple screens, which could have different layouts and fields. This is useful for segregating users. For example, a Screen may show the personal data of a person, and in another Screen financial data. Some users have access to the first Screen and others to the second one, allowing the information to be segregated by type of user.
Each screen has three layouts (control/fields disposition):
  • List layout (tab List <Registry>), where the data are shown in the list (one per line).
  • Search layout (tab Search <Registry>), where the user can define criteria to search for a set of data, which are shown in the list.
  • Editi layout (tab Edit <Registry>), also used to add, where the data can be created or changed individually.
Create a Screen
To create a screen select the tab Screen (horizotal submenu) in the chosen Registry. Select New... in the list and enter a name for it.

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Click OK and the properties of the new screen may be edited.

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For each property of the screen there is a Tool Tip Help that facilitates their understanding. The properties are automatically saved as they are changed. There is no need to click any button to save them.

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