What is a Reseller?
A reseller can qualify for discounts of up to 30% for loads of funds at INubem. By registering your own customers in the INubem the reseller can pass this discount (or part of it, or nothing) to them. The difference between the discount that the reseller has and the discount it have passed on to its customers is your profit margin. As customers consume this margin is applied to consumption and the resulting value can be drawn by the reseller.
Who can be a reseller?
Anyone who has an account not yet linked to another reseller. In other words, all Accounts that have not already been customers of an existing reseller can become Reseller Accounts.
What is needed to be a reseller?
First of all it should offer some benefit to your customers, it may be a good discount. However the most interesting thing would be to add value to the INubem platform: to offer some predefined applications, to help customers create their applications or to provide some information relevant to them within the platform.
Also you need to pay a small fee to qualify as a reseller. This fee entitles you to the discount and credits you can pass on to customers with this discount (or part thereof).
What are these credits that the reseller can pass on to customers?
The reseller qualifies for a discount and is entitled to use this discount on a volume of loads of funds. This is the credit. A reseller that qualifies for 10% discounts is entitled to a fund load of $ 2,000. This is the volume of loads its customers can make on the platform. If the reseller does not pass on any discount to the customers, it makes a profit of $ 200, (10% of the total), which can be withdrawn. More discount, less profit. The reseller´s profit accumulates as customers will spend the values that loaded.