Technical details
Can you give some more technical details about INubem so that my IT (Information Technology) staff can make a deeper assessment?
•INubem is online
INubem is fully online. Does not require installation of any software on users' machines. On the other hand a very rich application in JavaScript runs in the browser, giving the INubem an appearance least web and more system.
•Scalable architecture on Google App Engine
INubem was fully developed on Google App Engine, it does not run in a single server, but in a park of servers managed by Google. You have the assurance that your data is one of the best data centers in the world. The number of allocated servers increases with the use of the application, virtually there is no limit. The more clients and users, more servers are allocated, with no penalty on performance.
•Multi language
The construction of INubem allows it to be customized for any language.
•Database distributed and replicated
The database used is not relational (non-SQL Google App Engine native database) and runs in a distributed fashion (hence with data protection with regard to hardware failure). Although not relational, indexes are employed to optimize the data searching. Another advantage is that the database does not run on a single server, but on multiple servers that are allocated according to demand.
•Data model
Data models can be exported and imported through spreadsheets. It´s possible to generate a complete application, with its data models, screens and initial data using spreadsheets.
Data can be exported and imported via spreadsheet allowing you to make your backups where you want. In future versions will be offered a backup alternative in the cloud.
The information security issues was also carefully thought. All authentication is delegated to authentication providers, meaning no critical user data (password, for example) is stored by INubem. Currently Google Accounts, Facebook or Linkedin are used as providers, but others could be added over time.
•Technical support
Currently, support is only by email ( Soon we will have support packages sold separately.