Evaluate a new application can be a very complicated task. We run the risk of failing to properly use the application and not have a correct idea of its functionality. Also we run the risk of losing interest if the application testing require much effort on the grading. Here we present a series of test scripts that facilitate the task of assessing the INubem. Each script is presented in a step-by-step instructions and all the support material is available. We were concerned to ensure that the evaluation of INubem can be made quickly and directly, without needing to know practically nothing about the application.
The test scripts will gradually introducing new features. We suggest starting with number 1. It is also not necessary to complete the whole script. At each step completed a set of features can be understood.
Visit the video page first to quickly learn the basics of the INubem platform.
Test Roadmap Features tested
Roadmap 1 Create an account
Import Registries, its Attributes and Screens
Changed imported definitions
Create association between Registries
Reverse associations
List type Attributes
Express roadmap 1 Same features as the first roadmap, only performed in fewer steps and thus faster.
Roadmap 2 Define selection list Attributes whose data come from a Registry
Import multiple interrelated Registries without importing data
Import groups of users and their permissions
Roadmap 3 Define and change Registries, Attributes and Screens from scratch without using import spreadsheets.