I want to be an investor
The INubem needs investors?
Yes. INubem is a platform, not just a solution. We need partners to do the work that we alone can not do, which is to identify and offer more solutions to more and more customers. We want to be a rich and complete platform that makes it easier for people with no technical profile to create their own applications.
What is the business model?
INubem is not targeting any segment or specific market. Any company, department or person who needs to quickly build an application in INubem can use it. To briefly know its features and we suggest reading What is INubem?. The cost to the end customer is proportional to the amount of data and access, not limiting the number of users. We estimate that a user using the system intensively during business hours has a monthly cost of about ten to twenty dollars. Advertising intensively use the internet media. The marketing is mostly online. The model allows resellers, administered online. Resellers can add value to the service providing predefined applications for specific markets as well as personalized support. Service providers can add value without being resellers. We believe that an applications market within the INubem can generate its own ecosystem.
How do I talk about investments?
The best way is a direct contact with the company. By email invest@inubem.com we can start any conversation regarding that. We just ask that those who are not investors make use of another email to contact us (contact@inubem.com). We can always be open to contact facilitators and other companies offering services that can help us, but we will probably discard those that do not know how to identify the correct channel to do that.