I want to test
I want to go now to the test.
How to test?
On this site you find some test scripts that make it easy to test. Each script provides its own data in spreadsheets, so that the amount of clicks or typing are minimal. It was designed so that the execution of each one of them does not take more than a few minutes. There are scripts to test basic functionality of INubem and others to test more complex features. We suggest you do the tests as presented in order to gradually understand all INubem characteristics.
What do I need to do the tests?
You need a valid user on the Google Accounts, Facebook or Linkedin. It's easy and fast to get a user using any email you want in any of these services. Once you have a user you need to create an account on INubem. Also, take a few minutes and point a few clicks.
How can I simulate other users and verify the data and screens segregation per user feature?
For users who create or manage a INubem Account it´s possible to enter in the user simulation mode. In this mode you specify the user's email who wants to simulate and the system behaves as if it were such user operating. With this you really only need your own user to test all the features of INubem. Details of how to do this are presented in the test.
Can I try with my own data and applications?
Yes. We suggest you follow the test roadmaps to learn how to use the solution. We believe that with the intuitive interface and the help texts in each control you can build their own systems, with its own data, quickly and easily.
I want to go now to the test.