What is?
What is INubem?
INubem is a general purpose data-entry builder that can be used by anyone, even those not used to systems development. A data--entry application built with INubem could be a module for more complex corporate system or a stand-alone application for simple data-centered application. INubem has exciting features that make it different of its competitors. Data can be related in both ways and in several arrangements. Removed data could be recovered. A comprehensive and simple user management interface allows data segregation capability grained by field. Besides that, actions traceability can enforce policies. The business model is completely adherent to the cloud basis. Pay as you go: no commitment, no setup fee. As it is deployed on a auto--scalable and high availability platform the total number of users is limitless.
Why not use a spreadsheet available on the Internet instead of INubem?
The INubem has some advantages over a shared spreadsheet:
  • Data can be segregated by user type. So while a user group can add new contacts to an event, another group can edit the payment data. One kind of user do not has access to data do the other kind.
  • Data can be interrelated, two-way or one way, and at multiple levels, which is quite complex to manage in spreadsheets. In addition the data relationship can be done in order to be unique (item of an order are unique to the order) or shared (contacts of a customer can be shared among multiple orders).
  • Related data can be prevented from being removed (in order to avoid inconsistencies), or if otherwise desired, can be removed in cascade.
  • It is very difficult to define a woarkflow mechanism that ensures that the user has access to a screen or data based on record values.
  • Screens for data fetches to facilitate filtering and data locating can be easily built.
  • The data can be recovered if accidentally removed.
  • It can log the actions users take on the data. It´s possible to know who changed the data, for example, which is not always possible in a spreadsheet.
  • Some Screens may be available to some users and not to others. It´s possible to manage who uses what among all the Screens.
  • Help messages can be placed in each field of the Screen to assist users to interpret or to edit the data.
  • You can combine the two things: use a spreadsheet with data to import into INubem and also export INubem data to a spreadsheet.
What kind of applications can I provide to my users?
Simple applications in terms of logic, but rather complex in terms of how they may be used. You can build complex screens for both input and data editing. These screens may be available to some users and not be to others,. Even more: some users may edit the data and others may not. On the other hand, it is not possible (so far, as INUbem is evolving) to perform complex logic with the data.
What means "complex applications in terms of how the data is used"?
The data you allow your users to manipulate in the INubem can be interrelated (customer related to its orders, for example), they can be protected (some users do not see some data, others only visualize and others edit them), they can be preserved (accidental removal can be reversed). One cool thing is that interrelated data may (or may not) be connected both ways: I can search for the students enrolled to a course, and also for the courses to which a student is enrolled. You can also avoid related data to be removed, or the opposite: remove in cascade all the data related. Data can be interrelated in a exclusive or not exclusive way. Besides it, all data can be easily exported from or imported to spreadsheets.
To whom is INubem suitable?
If you need to securely manage how your data is viewed, added or edited by your users, including allowing secure data removal, INubem is the best solution available online. If on the other hand you need to handle your data with complex logic (calculate your net sales, for example) INubem is not a solution for you. However, you can still use the INubem for data input and make data handling on another system or a spreadsheet.
What kinds of people or companies can use INubem?
INubem was not designed for a particular market or to a specific area. INubem cannot be classified as a solution to a particular problem, but as a platform that offers solution to a class of problems: I need to manage my data safely and efficiently using the web environment and being able to have control over my users. What data? Any! Therefore INubem can help any company as a solution to departmental problems, for example. It can also meet the needs for self-employed professionals or anyone who sees its functionalities as useful.
INubem will have more features?
UNibem is under evolution, What exists today is the initial version. Other features will be added gradually:
  • File storage as screens fields. These files can be created, downloaded or overwritten by users according to their permissions.
  • Offline mode for when there is no Internet access. The features that can be used in offline mode will be aggregated gradually.
Can I also do what I already can do with a spreadsheet?
Remember that the INubem aim is to help you to obtain and manage their data. The handling of them can be made later in another system or in a spreadsheet that few manipulate. INubem has not yet (but will have in the next version) a way to make calculations using different columns. On the other hand, it is possible currently, in a simply way, to include rules in the fields (mandatory, minimum and maximum values) and can also set up a column so that no repeated values can occur.
Can I start using INubem already?
Yes! INubem is full funciotnal for use in production, but can also be just tested by you. This test can serve to evaluate the utility of INubem as well to you suggest or propose new features that you consider relevant.
Is it safe to use INubem?
You have all the security given by the Google environment. It´s a Google practice to correct almost immediately any vulnerability discovered in their environment. This works great because no major cases of breaks was reported so far. The access data (passwords and passwords recovery mechanisms) are not stored by INubem, but by Internet authentication provideres (Google Account, Facebook, or Linkedin).
How it is charged
The main cost of INubem is the Google App Engine data center, which charges for amount of stored data and access. The INubem therefore uses the same criteria. The charge is not by number of users, nor by number of built-in applications. But how much is this? The Google App Engine is a very competitive platform and there are many studies showing that its use is more advantageous than buying own servers. So use INubem probably is cheaper than purchase and install the same applications on another platform. To know the current prices see Agreement, Terms, Prices and Policies.