Create your forms, organize your data, ensure the integrity of your information, and make smart queries without the need of a developer.
In minutes replace the spreadsheet for a secure application.

About INubem

INubem is an application builder that can be used by anyone, even those who are unfamiliar with the development of systems. An application built with INubem replaces a shared worksheet with many advantages: it is more secure (accidental removals can be recovered), data can be segregated for each type of user and the relationships between the data can be in many ways. If you need to make a data entry application in a few minutes, if you need to organize this data in a structured way, and at the same time you want absolute control over who visualizes or changes the data, this is the perfect solution.

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Start using without complications and without initial payment

To use INubem you must have a Google (Gmail, Youtube, Google+, etc.), Linkedin, or Facebook user. No further information is required. You can use the free credit that is made with each new INubem account and no payment or credit card information is requested.

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The cost is per use, with no monthly fee nor user limit

The cost is calculated by the number of accesses and the amount of data stored. There is no fixed monthly cost, no limit on the number of users or applications created. Payment is prepaid, with a minimum of $ 5 and the credit never expires. Guaranteed refund for unused balances. Each new account starts with a small credit for trial.

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Choose your language

Choose the language you prefer. The use of the INubem platform can be done by the language that the user prefers and can be chosen by anyone at any time with just one click!